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FREE Monarch Butterfly Eggs
Perfect for Butterfly Gardeners, Homeschoolers, Summer
Projects for Kids, Citizen Scientists and Nature Lovers of All Ages.

Eggs Requested Today Will Ship by Monday, 12 August 2013
Due to limited availability, we cannot accept requests for shipment at a later date.
Please bookmark this page and return to make your request when you are ready to receive them.

No Cost
Simply Cover
Shipping and Handling

Just Provide Milkweed
When Caterpillars Emerge
from Their Eggs, They Will
Eat Any Species of Milkweed

No Frustrations
Hassle-Free, Easy-to-Follow Rearing Instructions Included

Request Yours Today!

The Eggs Are FREE!
Pay Only $9.97 for Each
Set of Five Eggs
for Shipping and Handling!

Click Button
to Specify Quantity
and Make Your Request

Request More Than
One Set of Eggs,
If You Wish

Butterfly Lady’s beautiful Monarch butterfly eggs are the eastern strain of Monarch (Danaus plexippus) butterfly. They are shipped to you via USPS First Class Package. You will receive an email with USPS Tracking information when they leave our butterfly farm so that you can follow their progress and anticipate their arrival. Butterfly eggs usually arrive two to three business days after shipping.

The eggs are FREE! Just pay $9.97 per set of five eggs for shipping and handling, which covers egg harvesting, packaging materials and instructions, labor to assemble and USPS First Class Package postage.

We guarantee that your eggs will be alive, healthy and safely packaged when they leave our farm. We cannot guarantee, though, that they will arrive alive or that they will thrive after you receive them. Those circumstances are beyond our control. While success with live organisms is not always predictable, it’s quite common for most of the five eggs to emerge as caterpillars, when you follow our simple directions. In order to keep your cost low, we do not replace butterfly eggs. Should you require replacement eggs, just request a new shipment of FREE Monarch butterfly eggs by returning here to pay shipping and handling.

Once you receive your Monarch butterfly eggs, they will hatch within a day or so as caterpillars. Then, you will need to place them on Milkweed, the natural host plant of Monarch caterpillars. Anything in the Asclepias family will do, including Common Milkweed; Scarlet Milkweed, also known as Tropical Milkweed (order seeds Here); Swamp Milkweed and all other varieties. Be sure that you already have, or have access to, sufficient Milkweed plants to feed your Monarch caterpillars BEFORE you request your FREE Monarch butterfly eggs. A medium-sized Milkweed plant, 12 to 18 inches (30 to 46 cm), will feed two to three Monarch caterpillars. You should have at least two Milkweed plants this size or a very large Milkweed plant to feed your caterpillars. Then it takes approximately three weeks of munching on Milkweed for them to morph into chrysalises. Another eight to 10 days later, the adult Monarch butterflies emerge.

We ship everywhere in the United States except to Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawai‘i, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington; areas of New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming west of the Continental Divide; and offshore territories.

These butterflies are completely safe for outdoor release. Once the Monarch butterflies emerge from their chrysalises, they can be kept in a flight cage for observation or released outdoors. It is legal and environmentally-friendly to release these natural pollinators, since this eastern strain is native to all areas of the United States, except as listed above. After you have reared the butterflies and have enjoyed observing them up close, then experience the thrill of releasing these beautiful creatures into the wild.

We no longer accept purchase orders or payment by check. Demand is so high that we are only able to fill prepaid requests. Please note that if you experience difficulty with PayPal, we are unable to accept payment otherwise. We cannot process phone and mail requests for this special offer since we do not have the time and resources. Thank you for your understanding.

Why is Butterfly Lady offering FREE butterfly eggs? It's simple! There aren't enough butterflies in the world. When you rear and release Monarch butterflies in your garden, you partner with Butterfly Lady to give the gift of life, color and joy back to nature. Thanks for your help, Butterfly Partner!

Enjoy the Butterflies!

  Photos of Monarch butterflies Copyright © 2009 by Julia Wade. Used with permission.
Visit Julia at Julia-Wade.com.

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